2020-04-25-europeworld today

2020-04-25 is china going direction taiwan ?
read enclosed article what we find interesting
from teepee :
we think china has done a very good job,
as we look at it , economically and living  , most people in china can live a descent life;
example: transport (high speed trains are by far the best in the world ; seen from speed,
confort and organisation ; (perfect in time ) ;
If you compare this with europe, it should be possible to take train in the morning 8.00 in
paris, arrive in bologna at 12 h , take a spagetti bolognese, walk around in the many italy
pubs, and at 18.00 h, take train again to paris, take nice food on the train ; and have small
sleep ,and arrive back at 22.00 h ; but in europe his is wishfull thinking.